Starterkits Acryl

Brand: Abstract®
" Aantal Art.# Omschrijving Prijs /st ex. BTW Totaal ex. BTW 1 224590 Antisepta Spray 100ml, Abstract 6,50 6,50 1 120011 Vellentang 4mm, ..
€442.15 €562.75
Brand: Abstract®
This Acryl Starter Kit from Abstract® contains: (1) Perfect Bond 8ml(1) Superior Monomer 200ml(1) Multi Dish(1) Crystal Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Blush Pink Superior Polymer 15gr(1) French White Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Concealer Pink Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Salo..
Brand: Abstract®
The Acrylic Trial Kit is the ideal kit to get acquainted with the Superior Monomer and Polymers from Abstract® Professional Products. The products in this kit will instantly make a superior impression on nail technicians working with acrylics. This Acrylic Trial Kit from Abstract® contains: ..
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