Finish Bits

Brand: Abstract®
This router bit is suitable for preparing the natural nail and finishing the artificial nail...
Brand: Abstract®
This diamond cutter is specifically designed to prepare the natural nail and to finish artificial nails and tips in a fast and efficient way...
Brand: Abstract®
The Diamond Medium Cone with rounded head helps you prepare natural nails, finish artificial nails and refine contour work. Material: Tungsten DiamondGrit: MediumShape: Cone RoundedSuitable for clamping system diameter: 2.35 mm..
Brand: Abstract®
This milling bit is a tool to mill the structure of the artificial nail or to mill the c-curve nicely...
Brand: Abstract®
The Tungsten Cone cutter bit is very suitable for finishing the contour of the artificial nail. It is also suitable to remove left over acrylic or gel products from the bottom of the nail...
Brand: Abstract®
This cutter bit is suitable for removing gel polish, milling the c-curve and milling the artificial nail..
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