Pinch Clip Gel CLEAR

Pinch Clip Gel CLEAR
Pinch Clip Gel CLEAR
  • Brand: Abstract®
  • Model: 1293383
  • MPN: 2102401293383

The Abstract® Pinch Clip CLEAR is the ideal tool to achieve a perfect C-curve in a gel environment. Designed specifically for this purpose, it offers several benefits to ensure consistency and perfection in your gel application.

  1. Transparency: The CLEAR Pinch Clip is transparent, allowing UV/LED light to penetrate through and cure the gel properly. This ensures that your gel nail enhancements harden evenly and effectively, preventing any under-cured areas.
  2. Pinch Technique: The Abstract Pinch Clip is designed to help you create the perfect C-curve, which is crucial for beautiful, durable and natural-looking nails. By using the pinch technique with these clips, you can shape the nail into the desired curve with precision.
  3. Consistency: Achieving consistent C-curves can be challenging, but with the Abstract Pinch Clip, you can maintain the same level of perfection every time you use it. This consistency is essential for professional-looking results.
  4. Time-Saving: Using Abstract Pinch Clips can help save you time during the nail enhancement process. You won't have to worry about manually pinching and holding the nail in place; the clip does the work for you.
  5. Professional Results: These clips are favored by nail professionals for their effectiveness in creating flawless C-curves. Say goodbye to inconsistent and imperfect C-curves and welcome a level of professionalism to your gel application.


In summary, Abstract Pinch Clip CLEAR is a must-have tool for nail technicians and enthusiasts working in a gel environment. It ensures that your C-curves are consistently perfect and properly cured, allowing you to achieve stunning results every time.