Gel Brush OVAL #8 (Deluxe Line)

Gel Brush OVAL #8 (Deluxe Line)
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Gel Brush OVAL #8 (Deluxe Line)
  • Brand: Abstract®
  • Model: 044521
  • MPN: 2101707044521

At Abstract® Professional Products we understand that a brush is one of the most important tools for nail tech. Depending on the product you are working on, but also depending on your personal preference, choosing the right brush is very important. The Deluxe Line is a luxurious series where attention has been paid to detail. Made of white-coated aluminum, with beautiful rhinestones incorporated into the handle and a protective cap. For those who like a slightly heavier brush in the hand.

The Deluxe Gel Brushes are made of red-brown Synthetic Red Sable polyester fibres. The soft to medium hard bristles allow you to smoothly apply gels with a thin and medium viscosity.

OVAL stands for Oval. We recommend this shape when working around the cuticles.