Clean & Fresh Watermelon Gel Sanitizer 50ml

Clean & Fresh Watermelon Gel Sanitizer 50ml
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Clean & Fresh Watermelon Gel Sanitizer 50ml
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Clean & Fresh Water Melon Gel Sanitizer is an alcohol based cleansing gel designed to cleanse the skin of hands and feet. It can be used for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Clean & Fresh Gel Sanitizer contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, is pleasant to the touch and non-sticky. The refreshing scent of watermelon is an added bonus. Clean & Fresh Watermelon Gel Sanitizer contains 55% alcohol + Triclosan. Triclosan is a powerful and widely used bactericidal and antifungal agent and is used for medical practices and hospitals. Triclosan has a broad spectrum of action and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. The percentage of alcohol combined with Triclosan in a glycol (gel) solution is amply sufficient to guarantee efficient action because it is absorbed through the skin differently than a liquid.

Hygiene stands for fighting infections and reducing or eliminating infectious organisms. The hygiene protocol consists of 3 phases. We would like to explain them clearly.


Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water is the first and most important step.


Disinfection is killing and inhibiting bacteria and viruses. In a liquid version a minimum percentage of 70% is needed to destroy the cell membrane. In a gel solution the percentage is different. When it comes to a cleansing gel based ONLY on ALCOHOL, a minimum percentage of 60% alcohol is needed to be effective in a glycol solution.

When it comes to an alcohol-based cleansing gel combined with other active ingredients, a minimum percentage of 55% alcohol is needed because the active ingredients do the rest of the work. The concentrations of other active substances do not therefore need to be 5% to guarantee the product's effectiveness.

Alcohol belongs to the family of solvents. In contrast to water, it is capable of dissolving fats (lipids) and polysaccharides (carbohydrates), and it breaks down the structure of proteins and nucleic acids that mainly make up the cells of bacteria, etc. When they come into contact with alcohol they dissolve. Viruses are dependent on bacteria and disappear with the bacteria when dealt with.

Alcohol is meant as a disinfectant, not as a cleaning agent. Cleaning or disinfection without water does not wash away the pathogens! Alcohol is effective against pathogens, but not an alternative to washing hands with soap and water.

Do not be blinded by the alcohol percentage, but inform yourself about the active substances that are added to products to optimize the efficiency.


Sterilisation is the deliberate killing of micro-organisms that have attached themselves to materials. A helical sterilizer is therefore recommended when working with reusable tools!

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Ingredients Denaturated Ethanol, Isopropyl Alkohol, Aqua, Carbomer, TEA, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Mirystate, CI 61565, Parfum