Cuticle Clean Up Bit

Cuticle Clean Up Bit
Cuticle Clean Up Bit
  • Brand: Abstract®
  • Model: 114069 / 16.
  • MPN: 2102006114069

The Cuticle Clean Up bit is the dream of every nail stylist. In no time at all you can remove the stubbornest skin cells that have fused with the nail plate with the greatest of ease. The fine head helps you thoroughly prepare every nook and cranny. This bit can be used for both dry and wet techniques. Tip: use at a 45° angle.

  • Material: tungsten
  • Grit: cross cut fine
  • Shape: pear
  • Suitable for clamping system diameter 2.35mm
  • To prepare the natural nail
  • Removal of stubborn cuticles
  • Suitable for dry and wet milling