Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop

Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop
Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop
Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop
Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop
Stick N' Go ONLINE Workshop

The Abstract® Stick N' Go Nail System is a user-friendly system that provides beautiful, in-style nails. The system is innovative and allows you to offer a complete set of artificial nails in just 30 minutes. With this fantastic system you can now offer walk-in services and as icing on the cake, the whole system can be removed in less than 10 minutes. Depending on the condition of the natural nail, the nails will stay in place for 3 to 4 weeks. The pre-shaped tips provide a seamless and elegant fit. Flexible at the cuticle level. Firm at the free edge. Feels very natural, without a disturbing feeling of pressure. Aesthetically perfect. Thin. Durable. This is what the Abstract® Stick N' Go system guarantees.

Nothing is what is seems. The Abstract® Stick N' Go system is for professional use only. Prior knowledge of artificial nails is required.

During this online workshop you learn to prepare the natural nails, to place the Stick N' Go tips in a correct way. Also the application of Rubber Base & Build, Brush N' Color and Abstract® Colors will be discussed.

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What You Will Need

  • PH Nail Prep
  • Perfect Bond
  • Stick N' Go Gel Clear
  • Stick N' Go Tips
  • Abstract® Pocket Led Light
  • Grinding cap holder
  • Medium grit buffer
  • 100/180 grit halfmoon buffer
  • 180 grit halfmoon file
  • 180 grit straight manicure file
  • A milling machine
  • One LED lamp or 36 Watt UV lamp


  • Rubber Base & Build, Brilliance Top Gel
  • Brush N' Color, Stick 2 Base, Shield & Shine Top Gel, Abstract® Mandala Brush
  • Abstract® Colors, Shield & Shine Top Gel, Abstract® Polish Brush
  • Cuticle Conditioner