The Eyelash Mirror is a must-have for eyelash stylists. With this mirror you can look at your lashes from all angles to make sure they look picture perfect. Length: 16cm..
This soft Eyelash Pillow offers the client optimal comfort during an eyelash or eyebrow treatment. Dimensions: 60 x 33 x 11.5 cm..
The Hygrometer translates in which condition the ambient temperature and humidity are. The operation of eyelash adhesive is highly dependent on these factors in the treatment room. Optimize the humidity and ambient temperature to obtain a good adhesion of the glue...
Using the Lash Lift Tool, you can easily spread lashes over the silicone shields during an eyelash lift. This tool includes a flat end that allows you to stroke the lashes up onto the shields. This tool can also be used to check a set of lash extensions for stickies. Length: 13,5cm..
Brand: Abstract®
Lint Free Nail Wipes are the most convenient, lint-free wipes that remove sticky residue from artificial nails and nail polish in a snap. These super absorbent wipes are highly efficient, hygienic and deliver unparalleled performance. Lint Free Nail Wipes are a versatile tool for cleaning natural n..
Use Lash Lift Brow's Air Pump to dry lash glue faster and remove fumes. Height: 10 cm..
The Micro Spring Scissor from Lash Lift Brow is a handy tool for trimming eyebrows/pads. The ergonomic design ensures that the scissors easily in the hand. Length: 11cm1 piece..
Mixing Glass Palet
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Brand: Abstract®
Glass mixing palette that can be used for various purposes such as mixing glitters and gels. Also useful for sticking eyelash strips on so the extensions are within easy reach during an eyelash treatment. Dimensions: L 10 cm x W 5 cm x H 1 cm..
Titanium Pre Made Fans is an adhesive specifically developed to attach Pre Made Fans and Volume eyelash extensions to the natural lashes. It is suitable for both the Pre Made Fan and Volume techniques. Pre Made Fans can be used by both beginners and advanced practitioners.Drying Time: 0.5-1 secondWo..
Titanium Sensitive Bond is a unique and exclusive adhesive suitable for adhering eyelash extensions to natural lashes for sensitive clients. It's suitable for both the One-by-One and Volume techniques.This hypoallergenic, patented formula is specially designed for people with sensitive eyes or those..
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