This is the ideal kit for depilation of eyebrows and other small areas on the face. The accompanying Coconut Film Wax Pellets are film wax pellets that are extremely suitable for depilation of small and sensitive areas. The Coconut Film Wax Pellets adhere very well to the hair and deliver excellent ..
The Hygrometer translates in which condition the ambient temperature and humidity are. The operation of eyelash adhesive is highly dependent on these factors in the treatment room. Optimize the humidity and ambient temperature to obtain a good adhesion of the glue...
The Ring Light Led Lamp provides soft, almost shadowless lighting and is recommended for beauticians, eyelash stylists, microblading and permanent makeup artists and hairdressers. Of course it is also great for photographers, bloggers and vloggers. The Ring Light Led Lamp helps eliminate skin imper..
Brand: Abstract®
Take even better pictures of your work without the big investment of expensive lighting equipment. Just be your #Selfie! 36 LED WhiteColor Temperature: 5600KLithium Battery: 250mAh - 3.7VContinuous Full Power > 45minCri:95%Charging Voltage: DC 5VDiameter: 8.2cm..
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