Detail Brush #3 (Ergonomic Line)

Detail Brush #3 (Ergonomic Line)
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Detail Brush #3 (Ergonomic Line)
  • Brand: Abstract®
  • Model: 251079 .
  • MPN: 2101701251079

At Abstract® Professional Products we understand that a brush is one of the most important tools for nail tech. Depending on the product you are working on, but also depending on your personal preference, choosing the right brush is very important. The Ergonomic Line is a budget-friendly line with a wooden handpiece. These brushes are light and very ergonomic in the hand.

The Detail Brushes are made of 100% natural Kolinsky bristles. Kolinsky bristles are natural hairs derived from mustelids. For the manufacture of nail art brushes, we use the summer hairs because they are of a softer quality.

These brushes can be used to apply gels with a thin viscosity and water soluble acrylic paints.